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Rever wool coat


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River wool coat, this is taking advantage of characteristics double-faced woven fabric, which is created by partially sewing the linings of two light and warm woolen fabrics together, all the sewing is carefully done by hand using a special technique without the use of a sewing machine. The sleeves are made thicker, so that it won't get bulky even if you wear something voluminous underneath. This coat has a relaxed silhouette that covers all the way to the bottom, making it feel like mature.

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Traditional Chinese



가벼운 원단 두 장의 울을 이중짜기로 연결하여 두께감 있는 이중면 소재를 만들고, 특수한 기술로 모두 수작업으로 솔직히 제작한 리버 울 코트입니다. 소매를 두껍게 만들어도 내부에 부피 있는 것을 입을 때 늘어지지 않도록 했습니다. 엉덩이까지 가려주는 여유로운 실루엣은 성인다운 여유를 느끼게 하는 코트입니다.

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